Terms of Use

1. General

These Terms of Use govern the downloading and use of Peekalink on any of its users' devices (computer, laptop, tablet, and other similar devices) These Terms of Use will also apply to every software update and may be amended in the future.

If users do not agree with any of the terms laid down below, they will not be able to avail of any of the services offered by Peekalink.

2. Our Service

Peekalink offers you a an API service where you can preview any given URL.

Peekalink requires users to be sixteen (16) years of age or over in order to use our services. When making an account, prospective users are obliged to be truthful and disclose accurate information.

After making an Peekalink account, users are granted a license to use the software within the boundaries of their subscription.

4. Your content

We don't claim ownership over any previewed link.

We reserve the right to remove any User Content that we believe violates any copyrights and our pirvacy policy.

Peekalink complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). We will terminate copyright infringers when legally required or appropriate.

If you see your Content on Peekalink being used without your permission, you can contact Peekalink Designated Agent for receipt of infringement notices here:

By emailing [email protected].

6. Security

At Peekalink, we do our best to make our platform as secure as possible, however, given our background in information-security, we recognize that there is no such thing as a fully secure platform given the ever growing list of digital and physical attack vectors, we cannot guarantee that our services will not be interrupted. Peekalink users are solely responsible for their account information and this is why we ask users to keep their passwords secure and limit the amount of personal information disclosed in Peekalink.

Users are also obliged to notify us of any compromises to security or any unauthorized use of Peekalink accounts. Any incidents or suspicions of unauthorized use of Peekalink accounts and security breaches are to be reported to [email protected].

Peekalink is a service that allows users to preview links of third-parties.

Peekalink assumes no responsibility for any of the damages that arise out of or in connection to users entering the previewed websites. It is at the user's discretion to enter these websites and they should be aware of any risks and take the necessary precautions while doing so. Any complaints regarding these third-party links should be directed to the third-party.

8. Termination

Peekalink may terminate or suspend your license at any time with or without cause and notification. Terminations of license are especially carried out in the following cases:

  • Violations of the Peekalink Privacy Policy
  • If users are found to use Peekalink (accounts) to facilitate illegal activities
  • If users are found to violate any laws
  • Violations of copyrights and other relevant intellectual property rights

It is important to note that some of the terms in this Terms of Use may still be valid even after termination has been carried out by any party. This includes, but is not limited to the copyright policy, the Limitation of Liability clause (Term 10), and the arbitration clause (Term 11). It is, therefore, the user's responsibility to be informed of which terms will still be valid.

9. Disclaimers

Peekalink takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any user content and any incidents that arise out of such content, especially if the content is defamatory, offensive, libelous, abusive, obscene or otherwise unlawful or harmful in nature.

10. Limitation of liability

Peekalink shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, or any loss of profits/revenues whether incurred directly or indirectly, loss of data, or any similar damages.

11. Arbitration clause

In cases of any disputes that arise in relation to the use of Peekalink, users shall agree to immediately inform Peekalink of these issues by contacting our legal representative at [email protected]. These disputes will first be resolved informally through arbitration.

Arbitration is an alternative to Court proceedings and awards decided during an arbitration proceeding will be legally binding and enforceable in Court.

This arbitration provision shall survive terminations of license, Peekalink accounts, and any other User Agreements.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

13. Changes, amendments, or replacement of any terms

Users will be notified when there is a change, amendment, or replacement of these Terms of Use. Continued use of Peekalink after these changes have been made constitute acceptance of the changes made. If users do not agree with any of the Terms of Use above, they are no longer able to access Peekalink or make avail of any of our services.

14. No waiver

Peekalinks failure to assert any right or provision under the abovementioned Terms shall not constitute a waiver.

Nor shall the failure of a license holder or any other relevant Party to enforce any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement constitute a waiver of any such terms or conditions, or of any other terms or conditions.