Handling errors

Instead of handling errors on your application real-time, we recommend checking before-hand whether a link is previewable using the Is available endpoint.

This way, in case there's any error, you don't bother your user about it and omit the entire link preview.

If you however do want to handle HTTP errors, here they are along with what they mean.

409 LinkUnreachable

The link could not be reached at this moment, please try again later.

409 LinkEmpty

The link was reached but there was no content to preview.

409 LinkPreviewHttpError

There was an HTTP error while attempting to preview the link.

408 LinkTimedOutHttpError

The link took too long to respond, please try again later.

400 LinkMaxRedirectsError

Too many redirects. Please preview a link with less than 5 redirects.

403 LinkIsPrivateError

The given link is private and cannot be previewed.

We determine whether a link is private by honouring the websites No-Cache and private header tags along with their robots.txt file.

413 LinkContentIsTooLarge

The given link content is too large and cannot be previewed.

404 LinkDoesNotExist

This link does not exist